October Library News!

The school year is well under way and St. John Students have been busy learning and selecting books from the library!

In the primary grades we have labeled all the parts of a book, talked about the role of the author and illustrator and learned to find “good fit” books in the St. John library! We are now exploring the elements of a story and are busy naming characters, the setting, identifying the conflict or problem and what the solution was at the end the story. We will be looking for these elements in the books we read over the next several weeks.

The intermediate grades have been learning about finding non-fiction books in the St. John library using the Dewey Decimal System and signing in to Destiny/doing self-check-out. In the coming weeks students will be talking about the “award books” (Newbery, Caldecott, etc.). Fourth and Fifth grade students will be introduced to the Sasquatch award nominees  and the Archdiocese Battle of the Books Competition coming in spring 2020!  Students in 5th grade will also be working on creating a works cited page using MLA format.