November Library News!

The primary grades are continuing to work on identifying characters, setting, plot, conflict and solution in the books we are reading.  In 2nd grade,  we will begin creating and describing our own characters for a small writing piece we will complete in the library!

The intermediate grades we are finishing up the introduction of the Sasquatch award nominees in class.  The majority of the books nominated for the Sasquatch award are new to the St. John library.  New books always create excitement and many students want to check out the new book. As a result, after the book is introduced and I give a quick book talk the book is then set aside until Friday when we have “First Check-out Friday”  During the week students can enter their name to be the first to check out the new book. Friday afternoon a name is drawn and the book is checked-out to the student who was selected.  The rest of the names continue to be drawn and the book is placed on hold in the order in which the tickets are drawn.  The students eagerly await the drawing for the “First Check-out Friday”!